Dong Fang Hotel Guangzhou: 2D1N Stay in Deluxe Room for 2 People. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Buffet Available

The deal

  • (Fri – Sun / Sep 30 - Oct 7, 2016) 2D1N stay for 2 for $598 (rrp. $700)
  • (Fri – Sun / Sep 30 - Oct 7, 2016) 2D1N stay with breakfast + lunch or dinner buffet for 2 for $1,168 (rrp. $1,500)

Hotel at a glance

A veteran of Guangzhou’s hospitality industry, Dong Fang Hotel Guangzhou has been welcoming business and leisure travellers to its opulent halls since 1961. The expansive estate sits at the foot of Yue Xiu Hill, offering towering views, from its recently renovated 699 rooms and suites, of Li Hua Lake’s rippling waters and the city’s modern landscape. In addition to housing an outdoor swimming pool, on-site spa and sauna facilities, eight restaurants boasting Cantonese and Western cuisine, and a fully-equipped gym, the heart of the hotel is dedicated to a 10,000 square meter tropical garden resplendent with a burbling stream and private gazebos for leisurely afternoon tea sessions. Guests are placed in close proximity to business centres and local attractions with the Jinhan Exhibition Center located just opposite the hotel, while popular shopping malls and other tourist sites are accessible via a short train ride from the nearby Yuexiu Park railway station.

Deluxe Room

  • Max. occupancy: 2 adults per room

Hotel facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Restaurants
  • Sauna rooms
  • Hair salon
  • Laundry services
  • Parking spaces
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access


  • Return shuttle from Hong Kong to Guangzhou: $290 per person

Coach schedule

Hung Hom to Guangzhou

Travel on Fri

  • Z808:
    • Departure time: 11.32am
    • Arrival time: 1.26pm
  • Z826:
    • Departure time: 1.11pm
    • Arrival time: 3.08pm

Travel on Sat and Sun

  • Z824:
    • Departure time: 8.15am
    • Arrival time: 10.12am
  • Z808:
    • Departure time: 11.32am
    • Arrival time: 1.26pm
  • Z826:
    • Departure time: 1.11pm
    • Arrival time: 3.08pm

Guangzhou to Hung Hom

Travel on Fri

  • Z815:
    • Departure time: 4.14pm
    • Arrival time: 6.12pm
  • Z827:
    • Departure time: 8.30pm
    • Arrival time: 10.26pm

Travel on Sat and Sun

  • Z825:
    • Departure time: 3.38pm
    • Arrival time: 5.34pm
  • Z819:
    • Departure time: 6.20pm
    • Arrival time: 8.18pm
  • Z827:
    • Departure time: 8.30pm
    • Arrival time: 10.26pm

All times in GMT +8. For reference only and subject to availability. Shuttle services subject to additional charges per person

Guangzhou, China: What to see and do

Historically known as Canton (or the less-known moniker, Kwangchow), the capital city of Guangdong was once a flourishing hub of trade and culture before blossoming into a flamboyant metropolitan. The third biggest city after Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou joins the multitude of southern states that flourishes next to its mother channel, the Pearl River. The site to the region’s most scenic stretches featuring commercial skyscrapers and star-rated hotels, the East-to-West stream is also the nightly cruise path that draws the attention of vessel passengers with romanticised locations such as “Night Moon over the Goose Pool”, “Misty Rain over the Twin Bridge”, and “Red Heart of the Pearl River”.

Then, witness the technicolour cityscape as you pass through the essential shopping venues like the Shangxiajiu Lu Pedestrian Street, which opens as early as 8am but lights up as soon as the sun sets. A meandering maze of shaded walkways, loud signs, and shops constructed in the Tong Lau architectural style (one of the last of its kind in the country), the 1,218m stretch is the more affordable alternative for fashion shoppers and foodies as compared to its sister destination, Beijing Lu. A haven for the youth of the city, Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street carries imported items from Japan and South Korea, and is home to up to ten departmental stores alongside the sprinkling of speciality and designer outlets.

The birthplace of Cantonese cuisine and the country’s most prolific dining scene, Guangzhou does not shy away from culinary experimentation, exotic ingredients, and a flexible definition on what is edible. As the morning crowd recovers from an early session with its choice of up to 100 types of dim sum, restaurants are already firing up the grill for barbecued specialities, or shao wei, like roast chicken, goose, and pork. A complement to the end of meals or existing within a dining niche of its own, Cantonese desserts usually arrive in the form of soup or custard, with high-end franchises moulding them in their own fusion interpretation. Taste the traditional with a bowl of “double-layer” or “double-skin” milk, which is made with fresh milk and raw egg, or the more internationally-known dishes like mooncakes, egg custard tarts, and fried ice-cream.



  • Downtown hotel located opposite Jinhan Exhibition Center and a four-minute walk from Yuexiu Park railway station.
  • Hotel accredited with Star Diamond Award by The American Academy for Hospitality Sciences.
  • Guangzhou is ranked among TripAdvisor’s list of Top 10 Destinations in China.


Book By Date: Dec 21, 2016.

Travel Period: Jul 12, 2016 - Dec 31, 2016.

Includes (for 2 people):

  • 1 night accommodation in Deluxe Room at Dongfang Hotel Guangzhou.

  • Complimentary hotel wifi, swimming ppol, and gym usage.

  • Hotel taxes and service charges.

  • Breakfast (for Option 2 - $1168 Groupon only).

  • Buffet lunch or dinner (choose either 1, for Option 2- $1168 Groupon only).

Does Not Include:

  • Transportation to GuangDong.

  • Airport transfer.

  • All meals not specified.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Items of a personal nature, porterage and tipping and sightseeing not mentioned.


  • Passports must have a min. validity of 6 months from expiry date on date of travel.

  • Visa application (where applicable) and personal travel documents are the sole responsibility of travellers.

  • Printed Groupon voucher and booking confirmation from Gztc (hong Kong) International Tour Co., Ltd. required for check-in.

  • Rate is inclusive of applicable taxes and service charges.

  • Please see the Universal Fine Print


  • No refund, cancellations or amendments allowed upon confirmation of bookings.

  • No-shows forfeit Groupon.


  • All bookings must be made by Dec 21, 2016 and at least 7 days prior to check-in.

  • Email with:

    - Chinese & English name(s)

    - Gender(s)

    - Date(s) of birth

    - Contact no.

    - Groupon voucher code

    - Groupon security codes

    - Groupon PDF

  • Call 2139 2155 for enquiry.


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