Cotai Water Jet Ferry Return Transfer for 1 Person + $70 Meal Voucher at Broadway Hotel

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The deal

  • Ferry return transfer + $70 meal voucher for 1 for $338 (up to $438 value)

Available set meals

Lei Ka Choi (choose 1)

  • Set A:
    - Curry ox tongue and noodle soup
    - Poached seasonal vegetables
    - Sweet soup
  • Set B:
    - Fish ball noodles with lettuce
    - Poached seasonal vegetables
    - Sweet soup

Shing Kei (choose 1)

  • Set A:
    - Congee with pork
    - Pan-fried turnip cake (2 pieces)
    - Twisted cruller and preserved vegetables
    - Green tea
  • Set B:
    - Congee with shredded fish cake
    - Fried egg noodles with soya sauce
    - Twisted cruller and preserved vegetables
    - Green tea

Ngau Ngau (choose 1)

  • Set A:
    - Shredded chicken noodle soup
    - Poached seasonal vegetables
    - Green tea
  • Set B:
    - Fish and rice noodle soup
    - Poached seasonal vegetables
    - Green tea

Ba Shan Spicy Noodles (choose 1)

  • Set A:
    - Spicy noodles with braised pork
    - Stir-fried Chinese cabbage with garlic
    - Green tea
  • Set B:
    - Spicy noodles with enoki mushrooms
    - Stir-fried Chinese cabbage with garlic
    - Green tea

Ving Kei Noodles

  • Fish cake, bean curd, and vegetable noodle soup
  • Green tea

Meal voucher is valid from 11am - 10pm.

Macau: What to see and do

Macau stands in a humble corner south of Zhuhai, nestled in its seaward inclination as an extension of Zhuhai’s southern frontier while still forming an islet of its own - with Taipa and Coloane adjoining Macau in its administrative region. The lotus city was formerly developed under the purview of Portuguese colonial forces from the mid 16th Century until 1999, during which the city was granted autonomous prerogative over its native affairs with the exception of foreign affairs and defense systems - which were relegated under the jurisdiction of China.

Having been subjected to the moulding of Portuguese influence, the city of Macau proffers a unique portion of locales in comparison to the rest of the Red Dragon nation - with colonial cuisine and culture believed to have found middle ground with local flavours during the settlement of traders and European missionaries throughout 1750 to 1840. Owing to this melange of different strokes, one can find vestiges of Portugal’s past endeavours in the Macau coast’s Mediterranean-tinged vibe, apparent in remnants like the Fortaleza do Monte - a military fort erected in efforts to repel show-stealing Dutch forces, which now stands boldly surrounding a public park and heritage museum while yielding sprawling views of Macau City. Perhaps most telling of the remaining marks of old-time Macau’s colonial upbringing would be the ruins of St. Paul - a facade of the Church of Mater Dei, built in the 1600’s by Jesuit missionaries in their oriental pursuit of disseminating Christianity - which now stands suspended from the rest of its former foundation, making for a hauntingly serene yet symbolic display of interweaving cultures. Meanwhile, demarcating the centre of past annals of international trade between China and the West is the Senado Square, a thriving core of public revelries and celebrations that lays in a panoramic circumvention of neo-classical structures. Inducted into UNESCO’s Heritage Sites in 2005, the Mediterranean styled square houses a touristic cornucopia of fashion outlets, restaurants, and snacking haunts; while select occasions bring with them a festive tableau of lion dances, fireworks, and parading revelries.

While Macau’s romantic Euro-inclinations hold sway among the region’s established charm, its oriental disposition nevertheless shines through, with famous landmarks signifying folksy idolatry of the China republic’s founder Sun-Yat Sen just as visibly as one can find a sculpted homage to the Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama. The legacy of traditional Chinese figures remain similarly intact with the preservation of heritage sites like the Mandarin’s House. The former residential complex of famed literary mover and catalyst of change Zheng Guanyin, the abode contrasts the European aesthetics of the neighbouring Portuguese-styled piazzas, with oriental wooden inlays furnishing vacant concaves throughout the sprawling 43,000 foot domicile. Further established within Macau’s roots is the A-Ma Temple, a hallowed sanctum of worship where the town’s past fishermen and merchants were believed to have converged to replenish while offering praise to A-Ma, or the Goddess of the Sea - from whom the city derives its name, as it held refuge for the fishing folk of yore as A-Ma Gau or the “Bay of A-Ma”. Tucked behind a scarlet gated pavilion, the temple’s dedication to various deities makes for a personification of the culminating cultures ingrained in Chinese tradition, owing its spiritual potpourri to a mix of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and a spectrum of folklore.



  • Visit the casinos and shopping centres within Galaxy Macau, or venture into the Portuguese-influenced domains of St. Paul’s Cathedral ruins, Senado Square, Tai Pa Village, Monte Forza, and more.
  • Dine on a choice of set meals from five restaurants situated within Broadway Macau.
  • Broadway Macau offers traditional Macanese cuisine within a bustling old market scene; Broadway Shopping Centre has over 20 shops selling various merchandise.


Book By Date: Oct 25, 2016.

Travel Period: Aug 17, 2016 - Oct 31, 2016.

Includes (for 1 person):

  • 1 x return economy ticket from Hong Kong - Macau (Taipa) via CotaiJet.

  • All you can eat voucher at Broadway Hotel, Macau (available to be used within the 5 restaurants in Broadway Hotel, specific set meals to be enjoyed - worth $70).

  • Departure tax and service charge.

Does Not Include:

  • Accommodation.

  • All meals not specified.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Items of a personal nature, porterage and tipping and sightseeing not mentioned.


  • Passports must have a min. validity of 6 months from expiry date on date of travel.

  • Visa application (where applicable) and personal travel documents are the sole responsibility of travellers.

  • Printed Groupon voucher required for check-in.

  • Rate is inclusive of applicable taxes and service charges.

  • Please see the Universal Fine Print


  • No refund, cancellations or amendments allowed upon confirmation of bookings.

  • No-shows forfeit Groupon.


  • The Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong advises customers to purchase travel insurance packages before departure.

  • To ensure your own safety, travellers should consider whether the Security Bureau has issued a travel alert for the destination before purchase.

  • Please prepare travel documents with more than 6 months validity (count from the date of return).

  • Please check all the notes and remarks in your travel documents.

  • Please check with Morning Star Travel for enquiry.


  • All bookings must be made by Oct 25, 2016 and at least 7 days prior to departure.

  • Call 2722 3289 or email with:

    - English name

    - Contact number

    - Preferred travel dates

    - Groupon voucher code

    - Groupon security code

    - Attached Groupon.


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