Nippontsu Japan 8-Day 5GB Visitor Data Nano SIM. Suica Card or Bus Transfer from Narita Airport to Tokyo Available

The deal

  • SIM card + Suica 500 yen prepaid card for $300
  • SIM card + 1-way Airport Limousine bus transfer for 1 for $426
  • SIM card + return Airport Limousine bus transfer for 1 for $580

Product specifications and features

Nippontsu Japan 8-Day 5GB visitor data Nano SIM

  • Carrier network: NTT DoCoMo
  • Speed: 4G LTE

Tokyo, Japan: What to see and do

The metropolis of Tokyo is a flurry of sights and activity, hosting attractions ranging from the old to the new within an area of over 2,000 square kilometres that stretches from the western mountains to Tokyo Bay in the east. The amber spire of the Tokyo Tower is clearly outlined against the sea of skyscrapers that dominate the skyline and from the 150-metre high main observation deck, you can have a bird’s eye view of the city. There is no better way to explore Tokyo than to take to the streets and discover its novelties – be it a themed cafe featuring maids in Victorian-era dresses, a public bath with hot spring water, or sushi bars where you can watch master chefs craft delicate pieces of nigiri. Shinjuku and Shibuya are popular districts for partying, shopping, and entertainment; Akihabara is the centre of Japan’s otaku culture and is filled with stores dedicated to anime, manga, and electronics; while Harajuku is a fashion capital where youngsters and cosplayers gather to showcase their eccentric outfits. An extensive train network connects most areas within Central Tokyo, and you can conveniently travel around by using a prepaid fare card.

Besides the trendy urban lifestyle, there are still many facets of Tokyo to be uncovered. Within the sprawling megalopolis, bits and pieces of history exist within old buildings and pockets of nature provide a reprieve from the modern landscape. Imagine the days when the Tokugawa shoguns ruled over Japan as you walk around the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. Enjoy a quiet stroll at Meiji Shrine past wooded forests, Shinto shrines, and the Meiji Jingu Treasure House that has an exhibit of Emperor Meiji’s and Empress Shoken’s personal belongings. Next to Tokyo Dome, you will find one of Tokyo’s oldest gardens, Koishikawa Korakuen, built during the early Edo period. It is a great place for sightseeing especially from late March to early April when the cherry trees start to blossom, grow laden with flowers, and slowly shed their petals, blanketing the ground with a fine dusting of pink.



  • Utilise a SIM card with 5GB of data to stay connected during trips to Japan.
  • Download speeds of up to 150Mbps, with upload speeds of up to 50Mbps


Book By Date: Nov 20, 2016.

Sim Card Validity Period: Aug 30, 2016 - Nov 29, 2016.

Includes (for 1 person):

  • Option 1: $300 Groupon

    - 1x LCC-SIM Japan Sim Card (Nano sim card, 8 days, 5GB)

    - 1 x Siuca (with 500 yen value + 500 yen deposit)

  • Option 2: $426 Groupon

    - 1x LCC-SIM Japan Sim Card (Nano sim card, 8 days, 5GB)

    - One-way Airport Limousine Bus from Narita Airport to Tokyo town (from airport to town only)

  • Option 3: $580 Groupon

    - 1x LCC-SIM Japan Sim Card (Nano sim card, 8 days, 5GB)

    - Two-way Airport Limousine Bus from Narita Airport to Tokyo town (two tickets will be given, must redeem at Narita Airport and use it within 14 days after redeemed)

Does Not Include:

  • Transportation to Japan.

  • Accommodation.

  • Airport transfer.

  • Luggage allowance.

  • All meals not specified.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Items of a personal nature, porterage, tipping, and sightseeing not mentioned.

Suica valid areas and transportaton systems:

  • The Suica can be used on JR East lines in the Tokyo metropolitan area as well as for subways, buses and the Tokyo Monorail that connects Haneda Airport with Tokyo.

  • In addition to the Tokyo area, the Suica can be used for certain transportation systems in the Sendai and Niigata, Hokkaido, Tokai, West Japan and Kyushu areas.

  • Additional tickets must be purchased to use the Suica for travel on a limited express, express or Green Car. The Suica cannot be used for travel on the Shinkansen.

LCC-SIM Japan Sim Card terms and conditions:

  • Activate the SIM card before expiration, otherwise SIM card will not be functional.

  • Enquiry for LTE coverage area:

  • There is exceptional case for devices with dual SIM card slots. Not all devices are tested for this function, therefore there is a high chance of being inapplicable.
    It is advised to insert your SIM card to sim 1 slot and bring an extra mobile phone for dual cards device.

  • The Data Network Sharing function is applicable for this SIM card. Several devices can use the data network function at the same time.

  • Please read the activating procedure and keep the packing of the SIM card (with the Phone number showed on the card) for the activating procedure.

  • SIM card is for data communication only, No SMS and No voice service.

  • SIM card is applicable in Japan only, No international roaming service is provided.

  • Service period of this product is up to 8 days (after 192 hours) after the initial opening date.
    (e.g., If the Sim Card is activated on 1 May at 12:00, the service period will be end at 11:59 on 9 May.)

  • The service will be unavailable once the data traffic volume is used up or once the service period is expired)

  • Service period cannot be extended.

  • For iphone or ipad devices, the APN settings for wireless LAN environment may require to be changed prior the usage of the SIM card(installation of a configuration profile).

  • A private IP address is assigned to the SIM card. However, N0 guarantee that all applications in the device are operable.

  • The maximum value of the transmission speed provided is defined by the technical standard and does not indicated it is the actual transmission speed.

  • No return or exchange will be accepted once the product is sold.

  • This SIM card cannot be suspended or canceled during the service period.


  • Please cotact Skywards Travel Ltd. for child rate and senior citizen rate.

  • Passports must have a min. validity of 6 months from expiry date on date of travel.

  • Visa application (where applicable) and personal travel documents are the sole responsibility of travellers.

  • Printed Groupon voucher required for booking.

  • Please see the Universal Fine Print


  • No refund, cancellations or amendments allowed upon confirmation of bookings.

  • No-shows forfeit Groupon.


  • The Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong advises customers to purchase travel insurance packages before departure

  • To ensure your own safety, travellers should consider whether the Security Bureau has issued a travel alert for the destination before purchase

  • Please prepare travel documents with more than 6 months validity (count from the date of return)

  • Please check all the notes and remarks in your travel documents

  • Please contact Skywards Travel if you do not have HKID card


  • All bookings must be made by Nov 20, 2016.

  • A. Call 2577 4188 (CWB) / 2522 0228 (Central) / 2809 4567 (Hang Hau, The Lane)

  • B. Email
  • C. For enquiry WhatsApp 9664 2335/ 6016 5863/ 6119 1167

  • Please provide the following details upon booking: preferred date(s) of departure, English name(s) (same as passport), gender, date or birth, contact number, passport number with expiration date, Groupon code, security code and Groupon PDF


購買此優惠你可獲得積分,於其他優惠享折扣。每 5000 分可當作 $5 現金使用