Chocolate Fever: $99 instead of $195 for 6 pieces of Choccarone (Chocolate Dipped Maccarone) ($150 value) and 1 Lucious Xocolatl Chocolate Drink ($45 value) at VERO Chocolates

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  • Led by ex-Mandarin Oriental Pastry Chef Jeffrey Koo, who has also worked for top pâtissier Pierre Gargnaire in France
  • Signature heavenly chocolate drink - watch a piece of thin chocolate slowly melt into the drink, UNFORGETTABLE sight and taste!
  • Premium chocolate
  • Unique Choccarone – brings out a different flavor of maccarone
  • One person may purchase up to 20 Groupons
  • VERO Chocolates Website


  • Valid from 18 May 2011 to 18 September 2011
  • Valid on Mondays to Sundays for take away only
  • One voucher may redeem any 6 Choccarones (choice from Framboise, Citron, Passion Fruit, Caramel and Cassis) and 1 Xocolatl Chocolate Drink
  • No cash / credit back and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers

More enticing than a tureen of oil, a goblet of chocolate is as good as gold among cultures that confuse gold for goblets of chocolate. Today's Groupon will once again remind you of  how godly this confectionary can be: for only $99 you can get 6 pieces of Choccarone (chocolate dipped maccarone) ($150 value) and 1 Xocolatl Chocolate Drink ($45 value) at VERO Chocolates (up to $195 value)!

/49/50/1305261945049.jpgFrom the provenance of plantation, the grade of cacao, to our obsession with innovation and quality, VERO’s philosophy is to raise the awareness, appreciation and entire experience of premium chocolate. From cocoa plantations in Venezuela, to research institutes in Malaysia, to master chocolatiers in Europe, they have scoured the globe to gather the wisdom and resources to create the most exquisite of chocolates. VERO invites you to step into the world of premium chocolate, and to savour a piece of what’s known as the “food of the gods.”

VERO’s pastry head chef Jeffery Koo started working for a 5-star hotel when he was just 18, and then went to France to work for Pierre Gargnaire, one of the best pâtissiers in the world. His skills in dessert are highly recognized as he has been invited to cook for many grand events like the King of Thailand’s birthday. He has also won a lot of awards in different dessert cooking competitions.

Today’s Groupon includes:

6 pieces of Choccarone ($25 per piece/ total $160 value)
Unlike typical maccarones, VERO choccarones are square in shape rather than circular and possess jelly and cream fillings rather than none at all. These vibrantly colored, sugary maccarones are handmade one layer at a time, not piped from a pastry bag. VERO choccarones are half-dipped in VERO Signature Dark 70% chocolate, which results in a less sweet taste and a beautiful, eye-catching appearance.
  • Framboise: Raspberry flavored with raspberry jelly and marshmallow center
  • Citron: Citrus fruit flavored with Citrus fruit jelly and marshmallow center
  • Passion Fruit: Fruity flavor with a passion fruit cream center
  • Caramel: More subtle sweetness with a caramel cream center
  • Cassis: Acidic and citrusy taste with cassis jam and cream center

You can choose any 6 combinations of these flavors.

Xocolatl Chocolate Drinks (100ml / $45 value)

Each of their Xocolatl chocolate drinks features a single type of VERO Signature or Single Origin Chocolate to give you a taste of worldly decadence. You can watch one piece of thin chocolate on top and see it melt slowly and drop into the drink! Served hot.

  • Signature Dark 70%
  • Pure White
  • Pure Milk
  • After 8 (mint)
  • Caramello (caramel)
  • Dark Berry (raspberry)
  • Peru 70%
  • Ecuador 73%
  • Dominican Republic 75%
  • Madagascar

You can easily test your chocolate tooth and prove that it isn't a literal tooth made of chocolate with today’s super Groupon, but in fact a tooth that greatly admires the taste and health benefits of chocolate, so don’t hesitate and get you Groupon today and celebrate for this godly invention with your loved ones!


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