$398 Eyebrow Tinting / Real Eyebrow Imitating Tattoo / 3D Eyebrow Tattoo & Free Eyebrow Shaping at Lan Yat Fan (Valued at $2800)

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  • Get the latest eyebrow tattoo styles that are natural and resemble  real eyebrows
  • Lan Yat Fan has over 15 years of eyebrow tattooing experience
  • Professional eyebrow tattoo artists will analyse and design eyebrow shapes to best suit your face shape
  • Beautify your brows for the upcoming Chinese lunar new year


  • Valid from 20 Jan 2013 to 20 Mar 2013 (rest on Tue)
  • Valid for female and male new/old patrons
  • Call to book 2 days in advance and provide Groupon code
  • One person may purchase up to two Groupons
  • The 3 types of eyebrow tattoos include long-lasting (darker ink shades) and natural effects (lighter ink shades); long-lasting effect lasts for about 2-3 years, natural effect lasts for about 6 months; additional charge for refilling darker ink colour after initial natural effect selection
  • Additional charge for eyebrow tattoo removal
  • Must present printed Groupon on arrival
  • Please see the Universal Fine Print

Eyebrows are the most important feature on one’s face, as they provide depth to one’s cheekbones and convey disapproval with a single raise. Send clear signals with today’s Groupon.

Lan Yat Fan Non-General Skin Beauty Centre has over 20 years of beauty therapy experience. Backed by technological innovation and improvement, the centre provides effective beauty services. The main treatments are designed for problematic skin, severe acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, mole and wart removals and other alternative skin issues. Lan Yat Fan also offers beauty services for students and men and the elderly, so that customers of different age and gender can have a more confident appearance. The centre also has 15-year’s experience of eyebrow tattooing, with professional tattoo artists analysing and designing the most suitable eyebrow shapes for your face. 

Today’s Groupon :

  • An eyebrow tattoo service
  • A free eyebrow shaping


Customers can select Eyebrow Tinting, Real Eyebrow Imitating Tattoo or 3D Eyebrow Tattoo . All  three eyebrow tattoo services are conducted either by machines or needles operated manually. The tattoo artist will choose the most suitable method based on the thickness of your brow skin. Choosing dark ink colours result in long-lasting effect that lasts for around two to three years, while lighter ink shades have a more natural effect that will last for about six months.

Characteristics of each eyebrow tattoo style:

Eyebrow Tinting

Achieving an effect like drawing your brow with an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow tinting is the most natural way to correct any imperfections of your eyebrows. It is painless, natural, and each hair is as thinly defined as a stroke of paint. Eyebrow tinting showcases a sense of oriental and natural beauty.

Before                                            After 


Real Eyebrow Imitating Tattoo

Showing high resemblance to real eyebrows, real eyebrow imitating tattoo creates a layered effect for your eyebrows with hair of different lengths and thickness. It differs from the rigid result of traditional eyebrow tattoo.

Before                                            After 



3D Eyebrow Tattoo

Creating a natural and trendy eyebrow shape, 3D eyebrow tattoo gives a clear definition to each brow hair with varied lengths and thickness. The effect is stylish and without stiffness, all the while painless during the process.

Before                                            After  


Duration: 30-60 mins

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Contact Number: 2362 6881
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed to Fri: 11am-8:30pm; Sat: 10:30am-7pm; Sun: 1pm-6pm

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