From $58 for an All-Day Breakfast Set with Bacon & Sausage at DMA Cafe (worth up to $492)

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  • Restaurant serving Asian and Western cuisine while providing a range of branded headphones for patrons to sample.
  • Conveniently located at Causeway Bay.



The deal

  • Option 1: Meal for 1 person for $58 (rrp. $123)
  • Option 2: Meal for 2 people for $108 (rrp. $246)
  • Option 3: Meal for 4 people for $208 (rrp. $492)

Each person gets

  • 1x All-day breakfast set
    - Bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, tomatoes, and baked beans
  • 1x Drink, choose from:
    - Americano
    - Caffe latte
    - Flavoured latte
    - Cappucino
    - Caffe mocha
    - Mint mocha
    - Breakfast tea
    - Earl grey
    - Jasmine tea
    - Milk with marshmallow
    - Chocolate with marshmallow
    - Mint chocolate with marshmallow

DMA Cafe

Located on the first floor of United Commercial Centre, DMA Cafe offers its patrons the unique experience of trying out several branded headphones while dining at the cafe for a rich audio and gastronomical experience. Here, headphone enthusiasts can check out the audio quality of a pair of Sony MDR-100AP headphones while sipping on cups of coffee or nibble on affogatos with Bose headphones plugged in. The cafe and music store also opens its stage for up and coming musical talents to share their music with patrons.


購買此優惠你可獲得積分,於其他優惠享折扣。每 5000 分可當作 $5 現金使用