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Dearest Rosita:

Today’s Groupon HK is proud to present to you this declaration of love from Eric:

We have been together for five years now. Since we first met in university, you have been my greatest love and soul companion. We started out as fellow classmate, then we became friends and soul mates. Once we parted because of misunderstanding, but we eventually ended up together again. We were colleagues at one point too. But no matter what has happened, I know I cannot possibly live without you.

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Over these years we have travelled to many countries and experienced the life we seek. I may not be the best guy in the world, but I will give you everything I have and work our way to realising our dream of travelling the world. I may not be the sweetest and most caring man, but I am definitely the one who is always there for you.

You brighten up my days with your delightful voice; you have brought me so much joy and love.You are EVERYTHING to me and I am so blessed when God delivered you to me. 

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You've always said you want a special proposal. Now the entire Hong Kong will witness my proposal and offer their best wishes. Is this special enough?

Rosita, will you marry me?

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  • Valid from 25 Jan 2013 for time and all eternity
  • Valid for Eric and Rosita ONLY
  • Purchase unlimited number of Groupons and wish Eric & Rosita all the happiness and blessings in the world
  • Never returnable or cancellable once confirmed
  • Must present boundless love and devotion upon redemption
  • Please note Wedding Registry’s opening hours, wedding feast menu, honeymoon itinerary…
  • Not valid for recommendation promotion

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