And Everything Nice ── $76 & up Taiwanese Sugar & Spice French Nougat, $228 & up for Three (Valued up to $720)

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  • Uses natural and unsalted butter from Normandy
  • Crispy California almonds are carefully selected
  • Creamy and chewy textures
  • Free from preservatives and other additives
  • Suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians


Self-collection between 28 Jan 2014 to 10 Feb 2014


Collect at Groupon Concept Store:
3/F, Soundwill Plaza (across from Times Square)
38 Russell Street, Causeway Bay
Mon-Sun & PH 11am-9pm


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A delicately prepared sweet can make a woman's heart sing; stock up on tasty times with today's Groupon.


Today’s Groupon:

$76 Groupon redeems: (rrp. $168)

Option 1: A bag of Sugar & Spice French Nougat (250g)


$148 Groupon redeems: (rrp. $240)

Option 2: A bag of Sugar & Spice French Nougat (500g)


$228 Groupon redeems: (rrp. $504)

Option 3: Three bags of Sugar & Spice French Nougat (250g each)


$438 Groupon redeems: (rrp. $720)

Option 4: Three bags of Sugar & Spice French Nougat (500g each)

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What Makes Popular French Nougat?

Three elements: "ingredients" + "temperature" + "time"


  1. French unsalted butter: natural and unsalted butter made from milk in Normandy


  1. California almonds: crispy California almonds are carefully selected with low-temperature baking for 3 hours, and then baked at high temperatures to showcase the natural colour of the almond


  1. Cooking time and temperatures are well-controlled for creamy and chewy textures


*Free from preservatives and other additives

*The texture varies with different temperature

*Store in the refrigerator. Before serving, take it out for 5-10 minutes first

*Suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians

*Product expiry: approx. 20 days (from start of redemption period)

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Step 3
For delivery option only: goods are assumed to be in good working condition upon shipment. Couriers are not liable for quality and functional checks of the product. For warranty and exchange assistance, bring the complete product set with packaging to the Groupon Concept Store. Call 2577 8703 (11am – 9pm, 7 days a week) for enquiries.  Enjoy your purchase! 

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday: 11am - 9pm (including Public Holidays)

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