Sexy Time: $168 and Up for Men’s Self-Pleasuring Tenga Eggs, 6 Thrilling Textures Available (Up to $1176 value)

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  • Discreet packaging that is fun and colourful
  • Made of an ultra-soft and stretchy material that accommodates any size and shape; Interior is lined with different patterns of ridging for a variety of sensations
  • Hygienic, one-time-use, manually-manipulated product that comes with a packet of lubricant
  • Confidentiality and privacy of order guaranteed
  • Tenga Website


What You Also Get: 

  • Free discreet delivery


  • Delivery service: fill in delivery address during the checkout process (must fill in contact number); delivery of the product will require a minimum of 7 working days starting from 23 April 2012
  • Delivery service available to all areas in Hong Kong
  • Delivery period will end 25 May 2012
  • Please note that by filling in an incorrect address or number may result in a delay of delivery
  • Item sold for novelty purpose only

Facebook statuses show the most break-ups occur around March every year, conveniently just in time for the approaching summer. For fellas down on their luck with finding someone new (and adamant not to sample the merchandise in Wanchai) take care of business with today’s Groupon.

Tenga Eggs are a one-time-use male masturbatory product that are made of a super pliable and stretchy material, with strict hygiene standards imposed, and come in a discreet egg-shaped packaging. Once peeled open, a hollow tube inserted into the egg holds a packet of lubricant to be used with the product. The interior of each Tenga Egg features different patterns of ridging, for a variety of sensations and stimulations.

Today’s Groupon Includes:

$168 for 3 Tenga Eggs (rrp. $294)

  • EGG-001 Wavy
  • EGG-002 Clicker
  • EGG-003 Spider


$288 for One 6-pc Set of Tenga Eggs (rrp. $588)

  • EGG-001 Wavy
  • EGG-002 Clicker
  • EGG-003 Spider
  • EGG-004 Twister
  • EGG-005 Stepper
  • EGG-006 Silky


$528 for Two 6-pc Sets of Tenga Eggs (rrp.$1176)


EGG-001 Wavy

Multiple layers of wavy ribs on internal wall for a steady and continuous rhythm.

Size / weight: 53 x 53 x 70mm / 47g



EGG-002 Clicker

A dense pattern of nubs hits sweet spots you didn’t even know existed.

Size / weight: 53 x 53 x 70mm / 48g



EGG-003 Spider

Ribbed web-like pattern inside provides multi-directional stimulation. (Pretend you’re Spiderman getting some.)

Size / weight: 53 x 53 x 70mm / 50g



EGG-004 Twister

Vertical waves swirl and twist in unexpected ways.

Size / weight: 53 x 53 x 70mm / 50g


EGG-005 Stepper

These alternating, curved, up-and-down ridges aren’t for the light-handed type.

Size / weight: 53 x 53 x 70mm / 48g



EGG-006 Silky

A continuous interweaving pattern promises sensory overload.

Size / weight: 53 x 53 x 70mm / 48g



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2.  Fill in the delivery address


We’ll…uh…just leave you to it then…

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