Early Bird: From $745 for Body Awakening Cleansing & Detox Kit with Free Delivery (worth up to $5,600)

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  • Detoxification program to rejuvenate key organs of the body.
  • Promotes weight loss, increases energy levels, reduces digestive maladies, and improves skin condition.
  • Early Bird Promotion: Limited exclusive offers for you to enjoy even more for even less!


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The deal

1 set for $745 (rrp. $1,400) (early bird promotion, limited 10 Groupons only)

1 set for $850 (rrp. $1,400)
2 sets for $1,586 (rrp. $2,800)
4 sets for $2,975 (rrp. $5,600)

Product specifications and features

  • Functions:
    - True greens: Combines three superfoods to provide body with antioxidants to detoxify and cleanse blood
    - Spirulina: High in antioxidants, chlorophyll, and beta-carotene
    - Chlorella: High in chlorophyll to heal and nourish mucousal lining of the GI tract; magnesium that works as a natural relaxant; draw out heavy metals from body
    - Laxative tea: Gently helps move and tone the bowel; with psyllium seed husk to clear toxins and old waste matter in intestinal tract and colon
    - Goji & red date herbal tea: With restorative and warming properties to help balances out liver and kidney energy
    - Goji and chrysanthemum herbal tea: Cooling and anti-ageing properties
    - Psyllium seed husks: Cleanses the intestinal tract from debris and mucus
    - Raw honey: Contains flavonoids with anticancer, antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-allergy properties
    - Flax seeds: Helps reduce inflammations and heal damaged, irritated, and inflamed tissue in bowel
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Set includes

  • 1x Bottle of True Greens
  • 1x Bottle of spirulina tablets
  • 1x Bottle of chlorella tablets
  • 1x Bottle of laxative tea
  • 1x Bottle of goji and red date herbal tea
  • 1x Bottle of goji and chrysanthemum flower herbal tea
  • 1x Bottle of psyllium seed husks
  • 1x Bottle of raw honey
  • 1x Bottle of flax seeds
  • 1x 28-page manual


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