From $88 for Herbal Foot Spa Powder (worth up to $1,099). Foldable Foot Bath Available

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  • Herbal blends complement foot baths while providing dermal nourishment to alleviate various ailments.
  • Foot bath with bag-like folding design and handles for compact storage and portability.


Self-collection between Sep 2, 2016 – Oct 7, 2016

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The deal

1 herbal powder set (set A) for $88 (rrp. $188)

  • Set includes a packet each for the following:
    • Wormwood
    • Mixed herbs
    • Saffron
    • Sophora
    • Ginger
    • Yao

2 packs of herbal powder + 1 foldable bucket for $99 (rrp. $198)

  • Available in following pairs:
    • Elderly well-being + beriberi treatment
    • Slimming and beauty + for her
    • For him + general health

2 herbal powder sets + 1 foldable bucket for $168 (rrp. $386)

1 herbal powder set (set B) + 2 foldable buckets for $238 (rrp. $599)
2 herbal powder sets (set B) + 2 foldable buckets for $398 (rrp. $1,099)

  • Each herbal powder set (set B) includes a packet each for the following:
    • Elderly well-being
    • Beriberi treatment
    • Slimming and beauty
    • For her
    • For him
    • General health

Product specifications and features

Herbal powder – general

  • Quantity: 20 sachets per pack
  • Volume: 10g each

Herbal powder for beriberi treatment

  • Ingredients include chen ai, cork, sophora, rugosa, and pepper
  • Alleviates itching and bacteria while helping to detoxify and deodorise
  • Treats and reduces risk of beriberi

Herbal powder for elderly well-being

  • Ingredients include chen ai, ginger, saffron, pepper, and astragalus
  • Helps in enhancing general well-being and inducing sleep

Herbal powder for her

  • Ingredients include chen ai, safflower, angelica, ginger, pepper, and cloves
  • Improves circulation and alleviates menstrual pains and related symptoms

Herbal powder for slimming and beauty

  • Ingredients include chen ai, angelica leaves, roses, atractylodes, and safflower
  • Helps treat water retention and aids in brightening complexion

Herbal powder for him

  • Ingredients include chen ai, eucommia, epimedium, cynomorium, dodder seed, and safflower
  • Herbal blend with laxative effect; treats kidney-related symptoms including inflammation and impotence

Herbal powder for general health

  • Ingredients include chen ai, ginger, saffron, ephedra, guizhi, and frankincense
  • Relieves fatigue, induces sleep, and aids in respiratory health
  • Helps in alleviating swelling, aches, and numbness

Foldable foot bucket

  • Temperature capacity: up to 70°C
  • Folding bag-like design allows compact storage and portability










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