Universal Fine Print

These restrictions apply to every Groupon, unless specifically contradicted in the Fine Print:

- Not valid for cash back (unless required by law), and the balance will also not exchange by cash
- Cannot be combined with other offers
- All bookings are subject to availability
- Please refer all the deal details such as store address locations, telephone numbers, terms & conditions on the vouchers when applicable
- Count down availability time of live deals are subject to sales and stock availability. GROUPON HK reserves the right to adjust the count down time without prior notice.

Deal FAQ

These information apply to all deals, unless specifically contradicted in the Fine Print.

How long do I have to wait to use my Groupon once I've purchased it?

You can redeem your Groupon within the specific redemption period stated on the vouchers

Do I need to book in advance when using my Groupon?
No advance booking is needed (If advance booking is required by specific merchants, please refer to the terms & conditions stated in the Fine Print)

Do I need to mention Groupon when booking?
Yes. Always quote Groupon with Groupon code when booking

How do I print a PDF voucher?
To download your Groupon in the PDF format, please follow the steps as below :
1) Log on to www.groupon.hk
2) Click on the login button at the right hand corner of the blue ribbon across the page (below the language selections) , click [Login]
3) Enter your username (the email address registered with us) and your password, click [Login]
4) Once logged in, please click on the "My Orders" under the section of "My Account"
5) Click [Your voucher] at the right hand side of the relevant voucher to download and print Can I give this Groupon as a gift?
Yes certainly. As long as the voucher numbers hasn’t been used yet, your friend won’t have a problem redeeming the Groupon

** All terms and conditions, Groupon reserves the rights for the final decision **